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Usability Test

  • Want to measure how userfriendly your webstore really is?

  • Improve the User Experience - Improve your income

  • Most customers cancel the buying process if usability problems occur

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Usability Review

  • Evaluates the current state of your product's usability and assesses the need for updates

  • Full-scale review sifts through every essential area of usability

  • Clear instructions on how to fix the possible design problems and improve your product

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User Interviews

  • Learn to know your users and improve the user experience

  • Let's make the world of software products a little bit better - together with the users

  • Measurable and qualititive feedback on how users experience your product

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Usability Testing

  • Complete usability testing process combined with reliable user interviews

  • The process walks through every essential use case based on the survey data

  • The lean and most cost-effective way to implement user-oriented design

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  • Our flagship product is a complete package of usability services

  • Developed and crafted especially for Start-Ups and early-stage software projects

  • The goal is to create a first-class user experience from the very beginning

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